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guerillaurbaine (2003)

QUESTIONS by Raf & ANSWERS by Kalle.

1. You've released 3 records already, I think, can you give a few details about when they were released, and when the band was formed ? Also, did the members of Bonehouse play in other bands before ?.
Kalle: The Band BONEHOUSE was formed back in 1993 with Philipp and me as the original line up. We had a bassplayer who left after the Demo tape which was released in 1995. and our 2nd Guitarist Helge left us after our tour with the german band SMOKE BLOW in april 2000. since then we have the same line up with the new Guitarplayer Spethi. Yeah, all other bands members have played in local bands.
Perhaps too many to mention. we were all very tight on our instruments. Our 1st MCD called "Symmetry of decadence" was released in 1996. we financed it on our own costs. A label from the south of Germany, we live in the north of germany, called Earth AD showed interested and they re-released the MCD on their label. So we signed for two more records. We are working very good with Christian, the owner of the nice and small label. In 1997 we released the first full length CD called "Dogbite". Also a vinyl version of the CD was released on bloody red vinyl and with a bonus track. A song from the 1st Demo tape which was re-recorded in the studio. So in winter 1998/99 we entered the Sunligt Studio in Stockholm, Sweden, and recorded our 2 nd CD called "Steamroller". Also it was released on vinyl, too. But at the moment the vinyl version is sold out. If the label boss has enough money again he will maybe repress it. With this CD we hadf quite great success in the german punk and hardcore scene. So in 2001 we had enough songs to go into the studio again to record them all. This time we recorded again with Ulf Nagel, the same guy and friend of us who recorded all the other stuff except the "Steamroller" CD. And we are very happy with the recording.

2. Did you play in France already ? How did you meet Mass Productions ?
Kalle: no, we didn't play france yet. We only played in the French part of Belgium. So we are very lucky to play france in October. I was getting in contact with Mass Productions because we were looking for a label that might release our "onward to mayhem" CD on vinyl. Our label has put a lot of money into our latest release so there was not enough money left to release a vinyl version, too. So I thought that maybe Mass Productions might be a good label to release our new CD on vinyl. I did them them our CD and the really liked it. So Vincent decided to release it on his cool label. And we thank very much for the record he relased. It comes in a gatefold cover sleeve and he agreed to all our suggestions and wishes! So we are really keen on meeting him personally on tour in france!

3. Bonehouse play a mix of fast punk and hardcore with a pinch of metal thrown in. How would you name your style ? What bands are the most influential to Bonehouse members ?
Kalle: well, we call it just hardcore. Yeah, you are right. You can hear some metal and punk influences. That's why we listen to more then just punk and hardcore. Everyone in the band has it's own taste. Some likes more punk, the other one likes more metal.some guy in the band listen to both and maybe someone likes pop music. So it's really hard to say which bands have influenced BONEHOUSE . as I said everyone listens to different bands and has different ideas on his musical tastes.well I can speak right now for my own. I listen to many punk bands. Old and new. And of course I like Hardcore bands a lot, too. I have been into Punkrock since 1979 so I am more a kid of the old style Punkrock. But also I listen to metal bands, old and new.

4. Even if some of your members seem to be influenced by the metal scene, one can't tell it by reading your lyrics. I mean, your attitude is far from the metal cliches. So, in the audience, when you play, do people from both scenes mix well ? Or do you attract only punks ? Do you think you could bring a more positive attitude to some metal fans (more thinking maybe ;o) ?
Kalle: the singer Philipp writes most of all the songs. Sometimes other band members have ideas and mostly all lyrics have been written by the singer. So the other band members can concentrate on writing the music notes. Yes, he lyrics deal with different things then normal metal bands sing about. Of course we wanna attract the punks and of course the other people ,too, like metal heads and other freaks. And the singer wanna bring a postive attitude with some lyrics through the audience. And you can tell that the singer is very much influenced by the lyrics from Punk bands.

5. How's the scene around your town ? Any bands or collectives that deserve attention ?
Kalle: of course we have a little scene here in Kiel with some good bands that deserve the attention, too. Bands like CREETINS, TYPHON MOTOR DUDES (formed by our 2nd guitarplayer Helge in 2000), ABGELEHNT, SUBURBAN SCUMBAGS, SMOKE BLOW, GUTBUCKET, ROO JAW, THE FLAMES, IRRENOFFENSIVE and a few more. Mostly all these bands have released records or CD's in the past and are playing quite regulary.we have one good club called "Alte Meierei" where mostly all good concerts are being held. It's a former squat building.

6. Several songs of yours are about nazis, how are things going in Germany today ? Are there as much problems as before, like there's been in East Germany, in Rostock or in Magdeburg (I think a punk or an antifascist has been killed there) ?
Kalle: well, you have read probably about the Nazi movement in germany. Here in kiel it is not so big. We knew mostly all the people that belong to them so here in kiel no actions took place in the past.
The Antifa (Antifacist Action) league in kiel is well organised.the problems in the east part of germany are much stronger. If you walk by night you can be sure if you meet facists and you look like a punk or foreigner that will attack you.maybe not in every city or town. But we were told ,when we played east germayn many times, that there are places where it is really hard to survive. So we make a stand against these fascists and we support also the organistaion "Good night - white pride" that stands against fascists especially when they come to hardcore concerts.

7. So how did you like your first french gig ? Did you enjoy the Blasting Days fest as much as we did ?
Kalle: Yes, we enjoyed that Blasting days festival very much. Even if it was a very long travel for us. I think we spent more then 14 hours in the van. But it was worth it !! We wish to come back again and have so much again!
But it wasn't our first French live appearance. We already played in Paris and Rennes last year, 2002, in October while we were on tour. Even those two gigs in French last year were great, too.

8. You came from Kiel for this gig. I guess it was a very long drive, and I'm not sure many people were conscious of this ! Any chance to see you again on a longer tour soon ?
Kalle: Yes, as I already mentioned it was a very long drive for us. But it was worth every nerve and sweat we lost during the long travel, and of course, we wish to come back again.
But as we are 5 persons in the band it's really hard to find a week or at least a weekend for all of us to get on the van and play a few gigs in France.

9. How did Philipp manage to get big spikes on his head at the Neubrandenburg gig, in last october ? Did you guys jump on him and forced him to change his haircut ?! :)
Kalle: No, it was a joke from the guys of the german Punk band RAWSIDE with whom we were on tour at that time in october 2002. they bought some kind of hairspray and the managed to make our singer some spikey hair look.

10. The POISON IDEA tribute is gonna be issued soon on Plastic Bomb's label. You played 'Hangover Heartattack' @ the Blasting Days fest. Why did you choose this one ? Was it a difficult choice ? Did you see the band on tour lately and how did you like them ?
Kalle: Well, the guys from that label, who released that Poison Idea tribute compl., asked us if we would do that special song. We changed a little bit the intro and outro of that song and then we played it in the Bonehouse style. We all like the band, anyway.No, none of us has seen the band on their last tour through Europe. But we only heard and read good critics about their live performance.

11. Tell us a little more about PLASTIC BOMB and its influence on the german scene. It's pretty rare that a magazine which is about music and politics gets a bigger audience (I think one can buy it at certain newspaper stores ?).
Kalle: Yes, it's true. That magazine has definitely an influence on the scene.if you read good things for example about a band, the people will think good about the band and will show positve interest. On the other hand, if they write bad facts, or even roumors about a band, the band will get a bad repuatation. Yes, you can buy that magazine at some newspapers stores. But they were going not to sell it there anymore for some reason.

12. Talking about covers, you've recorded two on your 2nd album, one from the CRO-MAGS and one inspired by CRASS' Do they owe us a living. Also you cover Indo-China by CRUCIFIX, which is another Peace Punk anthem. More to come from this vein ? I think these choices sum up well your different influences ?

Kalle: Well, not every band member has heard about these bands before. So when we wanna do a cover song we listen to some bands and then we choose if we wanna do a cover song of that band.some years ago we also did a cover song from the uk band Antisect. But never did a studio recording of it.well, I cannot say what we wanna choose in the future for a cover song.
It always depends in what mood everyone is and what they think about the band, their lyrics and the music, too.Well,my personal music faves are based on the uk punk sound early eighties. But that doesn't mean so much. Everyone in the band has his own music taste and we all decide together.

13. Is there any record to be released soon ?
Kalle: Yes, there will be a live Lp out by us soon. And of course, we are working on new songs to record later this year.

14. What's the question you'd like to answer ? Please tell us !
Kalle: Well, has anyone taken pictures of us while we were playing on the Blasting Days festival in Besancon this year july. I saw quite a few people that were taken pictures. And I'd really like to get some copies!!!

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